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Fees and Financial Support

Fee and Cost Information

Course (Tuition) fees

Higher Education Full-Time Courses (HNCs, HNDs and undergraduate degrees)

If you are studying a HNC or HND course on a full-time course, you will be charged a fee of £7,200 per annum. If you are studying a full-time undergraduate course, for example BSC (Hons), you will be charged £9,000 per annum.

Please note that these fees are based on courses starting in September 2022. Fees may be subject to change for courses starting in September 2023.

Click here to view a summary of all 2022/23 student full-time tuition fees by course.

Higher Education Part-Time Courses (HNCs, HNDs and undergraduate degrees)

If you are studying a higher level qualification on a part-time basis you will be charged depending on how many credits you earn from each module of study.

If you start your course in September 2022 you will be charged £1,500 per 20 credits for Foundation Degree and BSc (Hons) degree modules.

The fee for HNC or HND part-time courses starting in September 2022 is £3,600 per year. Prices are fixed for the duration of your course so if it takes you two years to complete your part-time HND you will pay the same fee for both years.

Additional course costs

Some courses will require additional fees/costs which may include:

  • Uniform
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Trips

Full details of these are included within each of the course listings.

Accommodation fees

Accommodation for our Higher Education students is located at our Holcot campus and is available on either a self-catering or half-board basis. You will need to pay an initial deposit of £200. You will then be charged an annual rent.

For students residing with us in 2022/23 the annual rent charges will be as follows:

  • £4,430 for a single room on a self-catering basis
  • £3,250 for a shared room on a self-catering basis
  • £1,935 for a half-board catering package (optional)

Please note that these are subject to change for the 2023/24 academic year.

Financial Assistance & Bursary Information

As a Higher Education student, you will be responsible for funding both your course fees and any related costs such as transport and accommodation. This can be daunting, but there are a range of loans and bursaries, detailed below, available to help you meet these costs.

Student Loans

You may be eligible for a loan from the Student Loan Company to pay your student fees directly to the College, and when you start to repay will depend upon your earnings and whether you studied full or part-time.

You may also be eligible for help with living costs through maintenance loans and grants. Further details can also be found on the Student Loan Company website. This money will be paid to you, and can be used to settle any accommodation or transport fees due to the College.

There is also additional support available for students with disabilities, and the College's Learning Support Tutor can help you with the application process.

College Bursaries

In its agreement with the Office for Students, the College is committed to offering a range of bursaries dependent upon entry qualifications and/or assessed on income:

  • Moulton College Bursary
    This is available to full-time students based on a household income assessment. Students with residual household income of less than £25,000 will be eligible for £1,000. Students with a household income of less than £42,600, but more than £25,000 will be eligible for £500.
  • Hardship Fund Bursary
    This limited discretionary fund has been created to help if students find themselves in dire financial need which could impact on their ability to continue their course. Eligibility will be based on an assessment of household income and outgoings. To be eligible to apply for a hardship award applicants must have a residual income of under £25,000 per annum. Those who have left care recently can apply under this Bursary for support to enable continuation or completion of their studies.

Most of the above bursaries are paid in two instalments of £500 in December and March in your first year only. Unless indicated, they are not dependent upon income, and a student can only qualify for one of these awards.