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Equine Therapy Centre

The Equine Therapy Centre will be reopening after lockdown on Wednesday 3rd June 2020. Please read our Statement to Customers on Coronavirus (COVID 19) protocols:

The Equine Therapy Centre is a state-of-the-art facility that is open to horses from across the disciplines either for rehabilitation or for fitness and training.

All horses can benefit from hydrotherapy – they do not have to be injured or recovering from injury. Hydrotherapy can be incorporated into part of nearly any horse’s training programme. Hydrotherapy also has its place in injury treatment and rehabilitation and is widely recognised as an effective method of recovering and conditioning a horse back to full fitness. Every horse that comes to us has its own individual therapy programme.

The therapy centre is staffed by a team of dedicated and professional experts (meet our team here) who ensure the best care for your horse at all times. With prices for taster sessions starting at as little as £30, hydrotherapy is much more affordable than you might think.

We have so many horses staying with us through out the year, who all focus in different areas from riding clubs to 4 star eventers.

Each horse has a different reason and requirement for the Hydrotherapy centre, for some it may be some concentrated sessions to get fit for the season and for others it may be for injury recovery.

We thought this was a great opportunity, with permission of their owners, to create case studies on our visitors and how we have helped them to improve and move forward. Read our blog.

Thanks to Jessica and the team at Moulton College Equine Therapy Centre. Murphy is looking and feeling fantastic