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16-19 Tuition Fund

Tuesday 3 November 2020

Educational institutions have been given a funding allocation from the government which will help students to catch up with their studies, helping them to recover lost learning time due to the Covid pandemic.

At Moulton College the 16-19 tuition funding will be used to provide additional support and intervention sessions to small groups of students to complement their timetabled sessions. This will include specific focus on key areas for development and support with online resources and assessments.

The initial focus for maths and English was to support students sitting the November GCSE exams, but this support will continue throughout the academic year. Vocational delivery areas of the college will utilise the funding throughout the year to facilitate activity to engage students who are at risk of falling behind or who require additional support to ensure they make required progress. In the Animal Welfare department the fund will facilitate the ‘Stay Behind to Get Ahead’ programme of additional twilight sessions and the Sports department will use additional delivery to focus on supporting students to develop research methods, calculations and statistical analysis.