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Would you like to inspire and motivate your students and provide them with activities to really show what vocational education can look and feel like?

We are delighted to offer a full range of FREE exciting and educational services both in your school setting or here on campus, throughout the academic year. We recognise that the relationship between schools and our College is vitally important to ensuring that your students have access to all the options available to them post-16.

We want to work in partnership with you to raise awareness of career opportunities in land-based subjects such as agriculture, equine and animal welfare as well as construction, food & nutrition and sport.

We are passionate about inspiring young people and giving them as much knowledge as possible to help them make an informed decision. Please contact our School Liaison team by email or call and ask to speak to Julia Niblett to discuss any of these opportunities or to arrange a visit to your school.


We understand that due to time pressures it may not always be possible for our team to come in and personally speak to your students. To help with this we have developed a video especially for schools to show your students the options available at Moulton and explain how they can find out more.

To view this video online please click here.

Bishop Stopford School

Services delivered at your school or college

A range of events and presentations that can be delivered at your school or College.

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Services delivered at Moulton College

There is nothing like seeing our College to truly appreciate our unique learning environment. We have a number of options available to help your students discover Moulton.

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