Animal Welfare Centre

As an Animal Welfare Student you’ll have access to our Animal Welfare Centres, under the guidance of our expert staff, broadening your knowledge from their own expertise.

The Animal Welfare Centre houses over 137 different species of animals ranging from tiny assassin bugs to meerkats. This gives students the chance to learn the best ways to house, care for and handle a wide range of animals. The centre promotes best practice in all aspects of animal husbandry and is run to a commercial standard so students get a greater understanding of what the animal care industry is all about.

The centre is Balai Approved, which ensures that facilities are maintained to the highest standard and allows the movement of animals between other collections. The Animal Welfare Centre has a state-of-the-art record keeping system (ZIMS), used globally by all large animal collections, and can produce detailed reports including stock lists, relationship reports and detailed daily note lists.

The Animal Welfare Centre is managed and run on a daily basis by a dedicated team of technicians with industry experience to ensure high standards of animal welfare and student experience. This, coupled with Commercial Experience for students, ensures our students are ‘work ready’ when they study with us.

Find out about the Animal Welfare Centre species, housing and habitat setup, and what students can get involved with in Senior Technician Dean's blog.

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Amphibian, Crustacean and Invertebrate Centre

This facility houses a range of animals including scorpions, frogs & mantids. Students learn about amphibian husbandry and conservation.


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