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Bloom student pack

Moulton College makes mental health a priority by strengthening student resilience

Monday 1 March 2021

Staff and students at Moulton College have been working through ‘Bloom’ a resilience building programme developed by Mental Health UK. The Programme, designed by young people and teachers, offers a new perspective on resilience.

Alison Creasey, Student Support Manager at the College said:

Resilience is not necessarily something we think of when we talk about mental health, but it’s a skill we all use every day. Whether we’re working through friendship tensions, dealing with exam stress or simply just facing a new day of home working and learning, resilience is important. Life is constantly changing, so it’s essential we strengthen this skill to ensure we can cope with whatever life throws our way.”

‘Bloom’ is providing young people aged 14-18 in schools and colleges across the UK with the tools to manage their own mental health. Since September 2019, the Programme has trained over 100 teachers and 1000s of young people in building resilience, positively affecting staff and student mental health across the country.

Whilst Moulton College already works closely with specialist organisations to provide 24/7 mental health support, this Programme is specifically training students to develop their own techniques to combat mental struggles.

Alison added:

“It’s important that our students have the tools they need to successfully navigate life’s transitions both now and in the future. Whilst we as a College will provide all the support we can in this area, the challenge for our students will be managing their mental health for themselves once they graduate. Our students need to develop these skills to help prepare them for adult life.”

Find out more about Bloom.