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Studying at Moulton College is good for your He...

Thursday 10 October 2019

Here at Moulton College we are lucky to be surrounded by 1,200 acres of green estate. This stunning rural environment is of huge benefit to students, staff and visitors alike, boosting wellbeing and making it the perfect place to study and learn. Humans have an innate biological connection to nature. This phenomenon was initially introduced by Edward O. Wilson in 1984. He described how “humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other living things” calling it: biophilia. On World Mental Health Day we are looking at the benefits of working in an outdoor environment like Moulton College: Mood Boost: Spending time outdoors has been shown by numerous studies to boost our mood. This positive shift through spending time in nature has been shown to reduce the risk of depression and anxiety. Reducing Inflammation: A 2012 Study found that spending increased amounts of time outside could naturally reduce pain. Increasing Energy: Articles published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology show that one of the best ways to feel energised is to connect with nature. This boosts alertness as your brain recognises the change in environment. Better Memory: Research has shown that walking outdoors improves short term memory and attention span. Relieves Stress: Being outdoors has a similar effect on your brain and body as meditation which in turn lowers your stress hormone cortisol, lowers heart rate and blood pressure, ultimately improving your wellbeing. So why not get outside this World Mental Health Day and boost your mood in nature. If you are looking for the perfect green space to tackle those studies next September look no further than Moulton College! You can find out about all our courses here.