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P120 Supported Internships

Supported Learners benefiting businesses

Monday 23 September 2019

Calling all businesses - you could tap into the skills of our supported learners.

Our supported internship programme, which has run to great success for the past 3 years, is for learners aged between 16-24 who have Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (S.E.N.D). The college has worked with many businesses over the years and is looking for local businesses to enhance their workforce by taking on these students.

"I think it's a chance for employers to broaden their approach. Young people with learning difficulties can bring really positive qualities to the workplace so you'd be making a huge difference in their lives.” Clare Waggitt, lecturer in Supported Learning

Any business that gets involved, can accept one of Moulton College’s learners for a short trial period, lasting a week. If the learner is a good fit, companies can offer them a six-month internship where they will be supported by a job coach whilst settling into their new role. The college is confident that by the end of the six months, businesses will realise the value of employing these learners on a longer term basis.

“The students benefit from having a qualified Job Coach to support them in each of the placements. Each Job Coach has completed the Training in Systematic Instruction, which goes a long way in ensuring approaches and techniques are used to maximise the help each learner needs to become more self sufficient and independent. Whilst the internships are hugely important for the young learners, they are also hugely important for local businesses too. Our learners with SEND have a range of complex disabilities ranging from moderate learning difficulties to high functioning ASD. The unique skill set of our learners is what sets them apart.” John Briers, Associate Programme Co-ordinator Supported Learning

Are you a business who might be interested in taking on one of our fantastic Supported Learning students - get in touch now on 01604 491131 Moulton College’s Internship programme is funded through the Local Authority and each learner has an Education Health Care Plan (E.H.C.P).