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We’re passionate about our environment

Thursday 17 October 2019

We’re passionate about our environment. Climate change and environmental issues are a huge topic in the media at the moment. Check your social media pages or turn on the TV and you’ll be exposed to a range of environmental concerns; from our use of plastics, our consumption of meat and our not-so sustainable fashion choices (to name a few). There’s so many important decisions that it seems we should and could be making, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Being environmentally conscious doesn’t have to feel like an impossible challenge, because it isn’t. Each and every individual is capable of making a change (big or small!), which could ultimately save our oceans, help our resources and save the planet from further degradation. What you can do – just a few examples! Walk to college instead of driving, or getting a lift. Grow your own food – it’s tasty, and inexpensive. Plant insect friendly plants to encourage local wildlife. Buy local. Purchase second hand clothes, or make your own. Don’t waste your food. 7.3 million tonnes of food is wasted in the UK each year – not only wasting food and money, but increasing the levels of CO2 emitted from landfill into the atmosphere. Get your food delivered. One person delivering multiple groceries reduces the number of cars heading to the supermarket. It’s #LoveourColleges week and to celebrate we’re focusing on the things we can do as a college to be more environmentally friendly. Sharon Ghouila from Green Steps Consulting visited us early in the week to talk about climate change and activism, and Rebecca Neal from The Wildlife Trust offered an insight into the work they do in protecting habitats, with things we can all do to save our wildlife. We’re all very inspired to make positive changes to our environment. Our pledge wall – outside of Student Support is already showing some fantastic ideas from students on how to help the environment. The wall will be up all week, so there’s still time to make your pledge!