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Careers Advisor smiling wearing a purple moulton hoodie

Corinne Douglas - CEIAG Support Officer

Meet Corinne Douglas, our Careers Education & Guidance Officer who joined Moulton College in August 2021.

Corinne enjoys working with young people and empowering them to grow into their full potential both within the college and in the wider community. Through her background in youth work, along with her experience in mentoring and coaching young people, Corinne brings a wealth of experience to her role.

What I find most rewarding about my role is creating a nurturing environment where young people feel comfortable discussing issues that affect their lives. I take pride in giving them a platform to voice their concerns and ensuring their perspectives are valued and heard.

Corinne Douglas

In her leisure time, Corinne remains committed to her passion for empowering youth, actively engaging in initiatives that uplift and support young individuals in her community.