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Saddle Fitter

A saddle fitter either works self employed or for an Equestrian retailer fitting saddles to horses and riders. A saddle fitter may work with specific or a wide range of saddles and would spend their visits to clients ensuring that a saddle fits the horse correctly and is also suitable for the rider. Saddle fitting is vitally important in maintaining a horses performance and health.

Potential salary
The salary would be dependant on the business set up and whether the fitter works for a retailer or self employed. Saddle fitting appointments are approximately £50/£60
Working hours
Hours may vary but commonly 5 days a week fitting 3-6 horses a day.
  • Continued professional development in saddle fitting
  • Specific SMS saddle fitting qualifications
  • Equine anatomy and physiology
  • Leatherwork
  • Rider and Horse Performance
  • Equine discipline demands

Checking the fit of owned saddles on horses, fitting new saddles to riders and horses, measuring changes in horses musculature, checking saddle safety.

Outside all day on different clients yard working with a variety of horses.

Gaining an equine qualification will help provide basic equine knowledge followed by gaining the appropriate Society of Master Saddlers Qualifications before being able to provide a service. Continued professional development throughout career.

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