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Finance Terms & Conditions

When enrolling on a course, you will be required to sign an agreement with the College which defines the responsibilities of both parties. In providing services to you such as transport and accommodation, the College makes commitments to suppliers and staff. In order to fulfil these commitments, the College expects you to pay in full the amounts due under the terms of your signed agreements with the College.

This page contains a summary of the terms and conditions of payments however if you require copies of the full documents please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Tuition fees

For full-time courses, tuition fees become due on the first day of your programme of study, but can be paid in instalments with the agreement of the College.

For part-time courses, tuition fees are due at the point of application. If you are planning to pay in instalments your payment plan must be agreed once your application has been received.

Accommodation & Transport

Accommodation and transport fees can be paid in full at enrolment, or in 3 equal instalments at the start of each academic term.

Other fees and invoices are payable with immediate effect.

If you are unable to pay in accordance with the stated terms, you can ask the College to accept a revised payment plan. However, the acceptance of such a plan is at the discretion of the College.

For those in receipt of bursary awards, these will be netted off the relevant fees in calculating the amount due for the academic year.

If you have successfully applied for funding from the Student Loan Company, you should provide the confirmation sheet to the College when you enrol. The College will then deal directly with the Student Loan Company to obtain the fees.

If your fees are to be paid by an employer, please ensure that evidence to this effect is provided to the College at enrolment, so that the appropriate invoices can be issued to, and paid by, your employer on your behalf.

Our preferred method of payment is via the College's online payment system by credit/debit card, although cheques, direct debits, bank drafts and bank transfers will also be accepted.

If you are paying by instalments, the online payment system also provides the facility to create a recurring card payment. Guidance on this facility can be obtained by contacting the Finance Office by email.

Full terms and conditions

If you require a copy of our full terms and conditions / student agreements please complete the form below, detailing which you require.



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