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Moulton College 2019 970

Moulton College graduate uses lockdown to get his name in print

Wednesday 22 July 2020

Our very own animal enthusiast wins competition with international organisation!

After completing his final year at College shortly before lockdown, Animal Welfare student Toby was delighted when the opportunity arose to enter a competition writing about one of his favourite species. The International Herpetological Society had posted a call out on social media for 1,000 word articles and the winning piece would be featured in its latest journal ‘The Herptile’.

Toby said:

“Lockdown had just started and I was keen to use what I’ve learnt over the past three years to help raise awareness of the Great Crested Newt. This species plays an important role in our ecosystems; they tell us so much about the quality of the environment, and influence the food chains too. I think they’re fascinating creatures that we still don’t understand, so it’s important we protect them and study them further.”

The International Herpetological Society, founded in 1969 is a member organisation that supports ongoing research into reptile, amphibian and chelonian species. After sending his editorial piece to the organisation, Toby received a call back from the team confirming that his submission had been chosen for inclusion in the latest journal.

Toby added:

“I felt so honoured that my article was chosen. Being able to get my name into the community is massive! This is such a huge opportunity for me, and provides me with a foot in the door to a career in herpetology. I was shocked to be honest that my piece had been chosen, but this has really inspired me to continue work into this field.”

Jonathan Coote, Editor at International Herpetological Society said:

“Toby’s submission was outstanding. My editorial team were in awe at the depth of content, and writing style which we knew would appeal to our readers. To be included within the journal is a big deal, and this opportunity is usually strictly open to members only, of which Toby at the time wasn’t. In this instance, we couldn’t overlook Toby’s work, and felt it deserved to be commended.”

The International Herpetological Society has since decided to continue accepting contributions from non-members, with the potential for these submissions to be included within its popular journal. Submissions which are accepted, from both members and non-members will receive a year’s free membership to the Society.

Jonathan added:

“Given the quality of Toby’s submission, our editorial team felt that it was time to open up contributions to industry experts outside of our membership. It’s important for us to raise awareness of some of the most important issues within herpetology, and this move will provide a platform for non-members to also have a voice.”

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