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NFB Low Carbon 2226

Radical Change in the Construction Sector

Monday 18 November 2019

Moulton College joins sector leaders to call for radical change in the construction sector.

Moulton College has joined with other sector leaders as part of the NFB Major Contractors Group to call on Government to act immediately to address how construction –the largest contributor to UK carbon emissions – can help the UK to meet 2050 Zero Carbon target.

The National Federation of Builders’ (NFB) Major Contractors Group (MCG) launched its ‘Transforming Construction for a Low Carbon Future’ report earlier this week and highlighted the need for those operating within the Construction sector to lead the way by implementing a real step-change in the way they do business. Twenty different organisations contributed to the production of the report with Moulton College focussing specifically on the education sector’s role in the war on carbon.

Corrie Harris, Principal and Chief Executive of Moulton College attended the launch of the report at the Institution of Civil Engineers in Westminster. “We are proud to have been asked to contribute to this extremely important report,” said Corrie “The responsibility for the reduction of carbon usage lies with all of us however, by targeting those industries which contribute highly to carbon emissions, dramatic changes can be achieved. All of the Construction courses delivered at Moulton College include units which focus specifically on sustainability and being environmentally friendly. We must place even greater emphasis on these areas in the future if we are to reach the Zero Carbon target and bridge the skills gap. We hope that the Government makes funding available for specialist colleges like Moulton to provide this valuable training.”

Mark Wakeford, Chair of the NFB’s Major Contractors Group, commented: “The year 2050 might seem a long time away but it’s really not much time to radically change our industry. We must start now and the Government, in whatever guise they return, must lead the way and make this a firm priority post-election. The transformation required in the construction industry is multi-faceted and it is critical that Industry and Government take a joined-up approach to bring together developments in skills, procurement, design, products and materials, transport and more. “The report we are launching today is a call-to-arms, we’re telling the Government and the industry alike to wake up to the reality of zero carbon and act now.”


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