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Ashlee Ward

Ashlee Ward - Lecturer Animal Welfare and Management, Level 3 National Foundation Diploma Course Manager

Ashlee Ward is our Level 3 National Foundation Diploma Course Manager and a lecturer in Animal Welfare and Management and has been with us since March 2019. Ashlee Ward specialises in Breeding and Genetics, Welfare and Ethics and Amphibians and enjoys seeing students excel in their subjects and grow as individuals.

Ashlee is a member of the British Herpetology Society and published “Skin Swabs with FTA cards as a dry storage source for amphibian DNA” Vol 11 a Conservation Genetics Resource in 2019. Her main interests are Amphibians, Biology Conservations, Zoology Genetics and anything DNA related.

"What I enjoy most about teaching is seeing students excel in subjects that they struggled with at the start of the year and seeing them grow as individuals."

Ashlee Ward