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Jack Howsin

Jack Howsin - Lecturer in Animal Welfare & Management

Jack Howsin is a lecturer in our Animal Welfare & Management course and has been a part of Moulton since October 2021. He specialises in Human and Animal Interaction, Biology and Veterinary sciences and is interested in Human-animal relationships particularly dogs as well as animal health & disease.

Jack has extensive previous experience from Mars Petcare ‘Waltham on the Wolds’. He has been an animal trainer for 3 years where his main responsibilities have been training selected dog life skills and procedures. He has been a part of the Veterinary unit team assisting in vaccinations and specialised health checks and has previous experience in dog breeding.

“What I enjoy most about teaching is seeing the progression of students from when they first come in to where they get to towards the end and preparing them for the future in the animal industry.”

Jack Howsin