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Melany dawson cropped

Melany Dawson - NDAM Course Manager, Animal Management

Melany Dawson is our NDAM Course Manager in Animal Management and has been a part of our team since July 2009. Her subject specialisms are Welfare and Ethics, Animal Health and Husbandry. Melany is interested in playing the centre position in netball, doing gym classes visiting farms and zoos with her loved ones and teaching tricks to her 2 guinea pigs.

She has travelled around Mexico for 2 months and worked at an animal rehabilitation centre as well as collecting turtle eggs on the beach. She has also worked in a large and small kennel and cattery and as a veterinary assistant in two vets.

“What I enjoy most about teaching is helping learners improve their practical skills. Particularly love it when a student faces their fears e.g. handling one of my favourite animals - a tarantula.”

Melany Dawson

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