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What to expect during enrolment

We understand that enrolment can be a confusing process for students but the following information should help you to understand what will happen over the summer.

Our enrolment process is split in to two stages.

Stage One: Pre-enrolment telephone call

A member of our Student Services team will call you by phone to check through your personal data, making sure that our records are complete and up-to-date.

These calls are taking place during July and August.

You will have received the date and time of your pre-enrolment call from our Student Services team in the post. Please make sure that you take this call as it is an important part of the joining process. The call should take approximately ten minutes.

Stage Two: Enrolment

Between Friday 26 August and Friday 2 September you will need to come in to College to complete your enrolment.

Different courses will be enrolled on different dates and times. You must attend college on your specified date as stated in the letter in your joining pack.

Lost your joining pack?

If you are not sure when you are meant to come in to College for your enrolment please call our Student Services Team on 01604 491131 and they will be able to advise.

Where you enrol will depend on whether you will be studying at our Moulton or Higham Ferrers campus.

  • Higham Ferrers campus students should report to Reception, Chelveston Road, Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire, NN3 7SY
  • Moulton campus students should report to Gate 1, Pitsford Road, Moulton, Northamptonshire, NN3 7SY

When you arrive there will be staff and signage directing you to where you need to go.

One of our Student Services Team will call you on the numbers you provided during your application and interview. If you think we might not have your up to date number please call reception on 01604 491131 and they’ll make the necessary changes to ensure you get your call.

The member of staff will ask you a series of questions to ensure that all the details we have are accurate and that we can enrol you onto your course.

It is a simple process but you may need some information to hand, so take a look at the next question.

Please note that the call may come from a mobile or withheld number.

Our Student Services Team will need to check the following items with you, so it will save time if you have them to hand:

  • Your contact details including mobile number, home telephone number, email address and postal address.
  • Your parent or guardian’s contact details including mobile number, home telephone number, email address and postal address.

During the call we will also collect some other important information relating to religious belief, sexual orientation and race. These questions allow us to check that we are providing the same opportunities to everyone. However, if you prefer, you can choose not to answer the questions.

No, you must enrol yourself but we’re happy for you to be accompanied by a parent or guardian for their help throughout the process. It is not a scary or difficult process, but you might want their help, so feel free to have them nearby. If you have a hearing impairment, then a parent or guardian can speak on your behalf.

The pre-enrolment call should take approx. ten minutes.

The enrolment process on campus will take between 30 minutes and one hour.

You should have already received an email with an advanced learner loan letter attached from us if this service has been identified as relevant to you. If you feel you have not received this please email and we will get this to you. The letter contains all the information you will require to apply for your loan.

Yes, you just need to get the application form back to us, either by post or email to Our Transport Team is available all summer to take calls and answer your questions. Just call 01604 491131 and select Option 4 for transport. Information about our network is also available on our website. Remember that, depending on your personal circumstances, you might be able to apply for financial assistance to help cover the costs associated with transport.

Please note that we cannot guarantee a place on college transport if we receive your application after 31 July 2022.

No, it's not too late, but you need to prioritise this as awards are always oversubscribed. Simply complete the financial assistance form and return it to us either by email to or in the prepaid envelope as quickly as possible, remembering to include all of the necessary evidence. If you need any of the forms re-sending just give us a call on 01604 491131.

This is the form that requires the most attention so we are able to offer you support over the telephone or via email but whatever you do, don’t struggle, please get in touch. We have dedicated staff to assist you and they’ve dealt with most queries many times.

We hope that you achieve the results you need on GCSE results day however if you fail to meet the entry requirements for your course please don't panic. When you come in to enrol at the College the tutors will check your results and then discuss next steps with you. If for any reason you have not met the entry requirements for your course, we will ensure that you are transferred to another course. Don't worry, you will still have a place to study with us this September.

Make sure that you bring your results slip with you when you come to enrol.

The start of term is Monday 5 September 2022. The College day starts at 9.00am.

If you are using College transport to travel to College you will receive your temporary pass in the form of a letter in the post. You will need this to board the bus so keep it safe. If you have not got this by the end of August 2020, call transport on 01604 491131 / Option 4 or send an email to

Every day lessons start at 9:00am. It is important that you arrive on time each day, every minute of learning matters.

The first week is about settling in. You’ll do induction activities, receive information on how things work and basically get used to College life. We normally run a fresher's fair in the student social centre but this may be postponed until later in the year due to social distancing requirements.

We are still accepting applications for courses starting in September 2022 however these will start to fill up as we move through the enrolment process.

We would strongly advise that your friend submits their application as quickly as possible via our website so that we can arrange their telephone interview and enrolment as quickly as possible.

We hope that you do decide to come to Moulton but you can still change your mind, even after you enrol. You just need to contact us and let us know so that we are able to update our course lists and offer your place to another student.

However, College can be the right place for you for so many reasons:

  • You’ll be studying in an adult environment
  • Top class facilities
  • Chance to study what your passionate about

If you are having second thoughts why not give us a call, we will be pleased to help by answering any questions that you may have.

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