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Beth Sutherland V4 P photo

Bethany Sutherland - Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Welfare and Management Alumni

Bethany Sutherland is a passionate animal lover who pursued her dream by enrolling in the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Welfare and Management at Moulton College. With 10 years of experience volunteering and working at a stables, she knew this was the field she wanted to work in. Bethany's time at college not only helped her narrow down her preferred animal field, but also allowed her to make friends with similar interests.

Beth Sutherland Moulton Student

After completing her course in 2013, Bethany landed her first job as a veterinary receptionist. She enjoys the diversity of her job, meeting people who share her passion for animals, and learning something new each day. As a front-of-house representative of the practice, Bethany takes pride in providing high customer service and maintaining impeccable hygiene standards. Her daily tasks include answering calls, booking appointments, handling payments, and monitoring stock levels. She also handles the pet cremation service, ensuring that clients are updated when their beloved pets' ashes have been returned. Bethany's dedication to her job and her love for animals make her a valuable asset to any practice.