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Caitlin Cannon MDD

Caitlin Cannon Level 3 Animal Management Alumni

Caitlin Cannon is a Level 3 Animal Management graduate who pursued her passion for animals by opting for a practical course that provided her with the necessary entry requirements for her degree of choice. Her grades upon completion of the BTEC course allowed her to study Animal Behaviour and Welfare at Harper Adams University, where she completed a placement year at Medical Detection Dogs (MDD). Caitlin's love for her job as a Socialising Trainer at MDD is evident as she works closely with a team of dedicated volunteers to train Medical Alert Dogs from puppies.

Caitlin Cannon Moulton

Caitlin's experience in working with a range of behaviour cases and breeds has made her a better trainer, enabling her to support clients with medical conditions, such as PoTS or diabetes. Her role includes ensuring that the dogs are confident in public, well-behaved on walks and easy to live with. Her rewarding career has allowed her to widen her training knowledge and experience, providing her with an opportunity to work with dogs that save lives every day. Caitlin's journey serves as an inspiration to those who seek to pursue their passion and turn it into a fulfilling career.