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Hayley Mollon BSc (Hons) Applied Animal Studies Alumni

Hayley Mollon is a BSc (Hons) Applied Animal Studies graduate from Moulton College. Her passion for animals started at a young age, and she has worked with a variety of species throughout her career. Hayley's degree provided her with extensive knowledge and skills in animal health and welfare, which enabled her to secure a job at Guide Dogs in the Dog Care and Welfare Team for 5 and a half years, before moving on to her current role as the Health and Welfare Coordinator at Medical Detection Dogs for the past 3 and a half years. In her current role, Hayley is responsible for the health and happiness of around 90 Bio Detection Dogs and Assistance Dogs in Training.

HM Moulton

Hayley's day-to-day tasks involve ensuring that the dogs at the Centre are cared for, including bathing, grooming, health checking, nail trimming, laundry, and cleaning. She is also responsible for making decisions on healthcare and treatment plans, keeping health policies up to date, and ensuring the dogs are up to date with their preventative treatments. Hayley's love for animals is evident in her dedication to her work, and she credits her volunteering experience at a local Rescue Centre for giving her an advantage in the competitive charity industry.