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Charlotte - equine student profile

Meet Charlotte, Level 3 Horse Management

Louise Fletcher, a member of our Equine Team caught up with Charlotte who completed her Level 3 studies in Horse Management in 2020.

Congratulations on graduating Charlotte. You've been a great student and will be greatly missed! Can you tell us why you decided to study at Moulton College?

Thank you! Well, some of my friends at my local stables had studied at Moulton and said they absolutely loved it. I was looking into staying on campus and i'd heard so many lovely things about the College, both from the equine department and residential too.

What was your favourite experience from your time with us?

It was great to be able to spend so much time in the Therapy Centre doing hands on rehab sessions with the horses. I got to experience horses swimming, in the cold water spa, in the solarium and on the aqua-treadmill. In these sessions we were taught start to finish of how to work all the equipment, as well as being taught the benefits of each activity for the horse.

Did you have a favourite study module?

I enjoyed every module that I studied at Moulton; they were all different and provided unique learning opportunities. If I had to choose just one I would pick 'Evolution of the horse'. In this module I learnt things that I had never come across before and it improved my knowledge and understanding of why horses are the way they are today.

Great module! What advice would you give to anybody thinking of studying an Equine course at Moulton?

Your love for horses will make your time at College extra special as Moulton has a range of lovely horses to suit all abilities and needs. I found that the equine department are very supportive and encouraging which makes starting a new course less scary! If you're thinking of joining, know that everybody will encourage your learning, but you do also need to be committed to get the best out of your course.

How would you sum up your time at Moulton College?

I had a lovely two years at College from start to finish. We went on some lovely trips to visit yards, horse shows and a horse sanctuary which really opened my eyes to what goes on in the horse world besides competing and breeding. The horses I worked with are all amazing and I will certainly miss them all.
Thank you Moulton College for a lovely experience and to my lecturers and residential wardens for making my time at Moulton the best it could possibly be.

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