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Robert MacQuarrie

Robert MacQuarrie - BSc Applied Zoology Student

Meet Robert MacQuarrie one of our third year BSc Applied Zoology students.

Robert has always been passionate about animals and nature, which has led him to pursue a degree in Applied Zoology. Through this course, he has been able to cultivate his own opinions on various subjects while exploring different theories.

Robert's main interests are ecology and animal behaviour, which complement each other in comprehending how animals employ their surroundings in the wild and captivity.

Robert decided to enrol at Moulton College because of the support provided by our lecturers and our Learning Support Team. Our smaller class sizes have also allowed him to seek the help he needs more frequently.

Once he completes his degree, Robert is looking forward to using his knowledge and experience to pursue a career in ecology and conservation. This could involve working as an animal keeper/technician or assisting in the conservation of UK wildlife through land management. With his passion and commitment, Robert is poised to make a positive impact on the animal industry.