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Food & Drink

The food and drink sector is a continuously growing and changing sector. Our courses harness the requirements of the industry and develop your skills so that you can progress in your chosen career.

Food and Drink is one of Moulton College’s most popular subject areas, and for students passionate about professional bakery, food science and nutrition our Food and Drink courses offer a platform to progress into the areas of food science, nutrition, and commercial professional bakery.

Our courses introduce you to a range of baking and food technology methods, from large-scale food production to the theory behind manufacturing and food hygiene in a commercial environment. With courses available from Levels 2 - 3, you’ll have the opportunity to progress and expand your knowledge into professional bakery, food technology, management and science and nutrition.

Why choose Moulton?

Guided by our expert staff and guest lecturers, you’ll access our Food and Drink Innovation Centre, a centre for excellence including professional bakeries, a food technology suite and sensory rooms. You’ll develop your skills to support the technical and business needs of the ever expanding food and drink sector, and learn from lecturers who have experience working within the industry.

You could access:

  • Food Technology Suite
  • Sensory Rooms
  • Micro-brewery
  • Industry visits will provide you with insights into all aspects of the industry from mass scale production to marketing and sales to product development.

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The facilities you'll be using

No other college in the UK can rival the world class facilities we have at Moulton College.

P14065 Food and Drink Centre 08 10 18 30
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Professional Bakery

Food & Drink
Moulton College Food Technology and Management
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Sensory Room

Food & Drink
P14065 Food and Drink Centre 08 10 18 43
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Food & Drink
Fadic reception
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Food & Drink
Fadic changing room
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Changing Rooms

Food & Drink
Fadic 6
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Outdoor seating area

Food & Drink

For students passionate about the outdoors, growing, garden design, conservation and maintenance our horticulture c…

20th January 2022