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Carley Daniels

Carley Daniels - Head of School, Animal Welfare & Management

Carley has worked at Moulton College for over 11 years and has both a Masters and Bachelor Science degree qualification. Her subject specialisms are genetics, molecular ecology, anatomy and physiology.

Carley has work in Howlett's and Port Lympne zoos as a research intern, particularly focused on the primate and education sections. She has also spent time researching and doing study trips abroad, both in the Caribbean and South Africa. Her theses for both her degrees were laboratory based looking at genetic differences and mitochondrial densities in Gammarid shrimp.

"I love teaching a subject I am passionate about, I always intend to impart that passion during my lessons and my enthusiasm makes the lessons exciting and memorable! I love teaching difficult and technical subjects and seeing students get the ‘light bulb’ moment where it all clicks into place!"

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3rd December 2022