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Nic Field Moulton College HE Lecturer

Nicola (Nic) Field, HE lecturer – Applied Animal Studies, Applied Zoology, Access to HE – Land-based Industry

Nicola (Nic) is a HE lecturer on Applied Animal Studies, Applied Zoology and Access to HE.

Nic has an MSc in Wildlife Biology and Conservation, City and Guilds in Zoo Animal Management and more than 20 years experience working with animals.

Nic’s previous role as Bear & Vet Team Director at Animals Asia’s China Bear Rescue Centre for 12 years involved overseeing a large international team rescuing and caring for rescued bears from the bile industry. Prior to this she worked as an NVQ Animal Care assessor in the UK and before this as a zookeeper for almost a decade. Nic has a range of animal and wildlife work experience including placements at animal sanctuaries in Borneo, Kenya and Cornwall and conservation projects in Uganda and Vietnam.

Nic has spent 4 years as Co-Chair of the IUCN Captive Bear Expert Team. She has further supported GFAS (Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries) and has Co-Founded a non-profit working to develop capacity and welfare in international animal sanctuaries and rescue centres.

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