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Sophie Smith

Sophie Smith - Lecturer in Animal Welfare and Management

Sophie Smith is a lecturer and registered veterinary nurse in our Animal Welfare and Management course and has been a part of the team since August 2020. She has a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing, BSc Environmental Biology and Coastal Zone Management and is a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

She is interested in all things animal and crafts and has previously volunteered in a wildlife centre in Australia looking after Australian fauna. She spent 5 months in Africa as a volunteer coordinator in a Animal Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre partaking in veterinary nursing work. In addition to this she also spent 5 months in Mumbai, India working in a veterinary practice.

“What I enjoy most about teaching is being able to pass on my knowledge and see the students’ passion and enthusiasm spark when they grasp the concept of something or when they are really enjoying what is being taught.”

Sophie Smith

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