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College Transport Guidelines

Code of Conduct for Students using College Transport

If a driver has any suspicion that a student using the College Transport system is not abiding by this Code of Conduct, they will make their way to the nearest police station and the culprits will be removed from the bus.

Students must:

  • Be at the pick up point at least ten minutes before the stated time
  • Be on time for the return buses which leave from Gate 3 Holcot site at 3.20pm on Monday and 4.50pm on Tuesday - Friday.
  • Should the bus be late for any reason, students are asked to wait 30 minutes before calling the Transport Department
  • Wear a seatbelt at all times if provided
  • Behave in a reasonable manner particularly towards others at all times
  • Report unacceptable behaviour and/or bullying to the Transport Manager in writing. Your complaint will be dealt with sympathetically and in the strictest confidence.

Students must not:

  • Smoke, drink or carry alcohol or weapons at any time
  • Wilfully damage vehicles or their contents or interfere with anything that may compromise the health and safety of the vehicle or others
  • Carry knives and other sharp objects unless required for curriculum based activity. If carried these must be kept secure and covered up in a suitable bag/holder at all times.

If you miss the bus because of your own actions, it is your own responsibility to get home. Students going on visits / sports fixtures, who use College transport, must make their lecturer aware in advance. If a student arrives back at the College after 4:50 pm, because of a delay on the visit, the member of staff accompanying the visit will make arrangements to get students home.

Moulton College works in partnership with NCC to provide a comprehensive network of coaches, mini-buses and in assessed and agreed cases taxi’s. Whilst the College does not have a legal responsibility for transporting students to College, we do try to operate a bus network from most parts of the County and beyond to help students access the College’s courses wherever possible. The service by its nature is operated for the benefit of the majority and is heavily subsidised by the College in order to make the service available.

For those students who do not wish to take advantage of the network, the NCC policy and other support options can be researched via this link.

If you live outside of Northamptonshire and do not wish to live on campus in our residential facilities you can find out financial support information for transport from your Local Authority as below:

  • Bedford Borough Council: Tel. (01234) 718004
  • Central Bedfordshire Council: Tel. (0300) 3008133
  • Leicester Country Council: Tel. (0116) 3058120

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