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Bus 2 June 2021

Transport FAQs

We hope that the following answers any questions you may have about using our transport service however please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need any further help. Just email or call our team on 01604 491131 and select option 4.

To apply for a place on our transport service you need to complete a Transport Form. You should have already received this when you received the email offering you a place on your course. If you have mislaid the form just give us a call and we will arrange to resend this to you.

The closing date for receipt of your Transport Form is 31 July in the year that you want to study.

It is still possible to apply for a place on our transport service after 31 July 2022 but we are unable to guarantee you a seat from the start of term. If we are unable to process your application before the start of term you will need to make your own arrangements arrangements to travel into College. Please note that until we have received payment for your travel pass you are not permitted to travel on college transport.

Only students who hold an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) can apply for our door to door transport service. Applications should be made on the same transport application form as for our general transport service.


All of our main transport service arrives at Gate 3, Holcot campus no later than 8:50am, Monday to Friday.

Buses depart from Gate 3, Holcot at 3.45pm on a Monday and 4.50pm Tuesday to Friday.

Students can then catch one of our shuttle buses to travel from Holcot to Moulton or Pitsford sites although most students usually walk.

Higham Ferrers

Route 15 is the bus route allocated for our Higham Ferrers campus. It arrives no later than 8.50am Monday to Friday and departs at 3.30pm on Mondays and 4.50pm Tuesday to Friday.

The driver will collect you from your home address. They are likely to have other students on board and may also be collecting other students after you.

The bus will arrive at the College no later than 8.50am and will drop you at the correct site for you, depending on which course you are studying. Once at college we have a shuttle service that can take you from site to site or you can choose to walk.

The departure time for our door to door service is 3.45pm on Mondays and 4.50pm Tuesday to Friday. All door to door minibuses leave from Gate 4, Pitsford so you will need to make sure that they are there in plenty of time.

We review our bus timetables each year depending on demand. Whilst we cannot guarantee that we will travel to your specific location we do our best to work out the routes so that they are as accessible to as many people as possible, with a wide range of pick-up points.

Make sure that you submit your application to travel before the deadline on 31 July 2022 or contact if you would like to discuss this further.

There are a number of different payment options when paying for your bus pass. Full details can be found on your transport application form or by clicking here.

ALL payments should be made via You will need your student reference number (this begins with an S, and you can find it in the top right hand corner of the application form) and your date of birth.

If you are a full-time student, aged 16-18 years old at the start of your course and you live more than three miles from your study campus you can sign up to receive subsidised travel from the local authority. If you have a household income of less than £30,000 per year, we can also offer you a travel bursary worth up to £660.

You will have received a bursary application form with your offer letter. Just complete this and return it to Student Services by email or by post.

A partial bursary means that instead of paying £660 for your bus pass for the year you only need to pay £220. This payment must be made before the start of Term 1. You will not need to make any further payment in Terms 2 or 3.

We are happy to accommodate this so long as we have the space available on both routes. Please email to request a dual route. We need a minimum of 48 hours notice to process applications for a dual route so that we can ensure that all the relevant people are aware of the request.

Afraid that this is not a service we offer as we have to maximise the use of our transport service to accommodate as many students as possible. It might be worth you looking at using public transport if you only need a lift to College on an infrequent basis.

You will receive a temporary bus pass which will enable you to travel into College during your induction week (Monday 5 September - Friday 9 September). This will be sent out in the post during the week commencing Monday 22 August 2022.

If you have paid for your transport (or been awarded a full bursary) you will receive a student ID with a special holographic sticker during your induction week. You will then need to show this pass every time you board the bus. If you are not able to produce your ID with the sticker you will not be allowed to board the bus. If you lose your ID pass you can purchase a replacement card from the Learning Resource Centre at Moulton.

New holographic stickers will be issued prior to the start of Term 2 and Term 3 which will entitle you to travel on college transport each term. Please note that stickers will only be issued if payment has been received or a full or partial bursary has been awarded. You will be contacted by text with updates and reminders so that you know when payments are due and when stickers are available for collection.

All of our transport agreements are for the whole year. When you sign the transport agreement you agree to pay the full costs unless you are eligible for a full or partial bursary.

All of our transport agreements are for the whole year. When you sign the transport agreement you agree to pay the full costs unless you are eligible for a full or partial bursary even if you no longer need to use the service because you have passed your driving test.

These will be reviewed once we have received all of the transport application forms however you can the current bus schedules here.

If you would prefer to use public transport to reach the College, Moulton village sits on a public service bus route that extends from Northampton to Kettering. Please note that the timings of the public bus service is not guaranteed to meet the needs of all students so please check the timetables carefully.

You can find out more about public transport services from the following companies:

UNO Tel: 01707 255764

Stagecoach Tel: 0845 600 1314


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