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SC Moulton

Sally Curtis - Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management

Sally Curtis is a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management (science stream) student who chose this course over A levels as it covered every aspect of the animal industry and provided hands-on experience.

She gained experience with various animals during her college hours and had two days off a week for real-life work experience. Sally applied to study Veterinary Medicine with the help of Moulton College staff and was offered interviews at Bristol University and the Royal Veterinary College.

SC vet student

She chose RVC and is now in her third year of the six-year course, attending lectures and practicals five days a week and completing placements during breaks. Sally is excited to start her clinical teaching and to graduate as a vet.

Throughout her journey, Sally has been passionate about animals and has always wanted to become a surgeon. She enjoys the uni experience in London and the opportunity to learn about the industry first-hand from farmers.

Sally has completed work experience in a vet practice, animal rescue center, and farm during lambing season. She is looking forward to completing surgeries and consults during her clinical teaching and starting her career as a vet.